ag号称比grep更快的一个搜索工具 官网地址 github

  1. mac 安装
    • brew install the_silver_searcher
  2. centos 安装

    yum install -y pcre-devel
    yum install -y xz-devel
    cd /usr/local/src
    git clone
    cd the_silver_searcher
    ./ && make install

  3. 部分参数介绍
    • -A --after [LINES] Print lines after match (Default: 2)
    • -B --before [LINES] Print lines before match (Default: 2)
    • -C --context [LINES] Print lines before and after matches (Default: 2)
    • -g --filename-pattern PATTERN
    • -l --files-with-matches Only print filenames that contain matches (don't print the matching lines)
    • -L --files-without-matches Only print filenames that don't contain matches
    • -i --ignore-case Match case insensitively
    • -a --all-types Search all files (doesn't include hidden files or patterns from ignore files)
    • --depth NUM Search up to NUM directories deep (Default: 25)
    • -v --invert-match
  4. 参考博客 简书

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